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English grammar

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Practical information

This course is for anyone whose aim is to improve the use of English grammar. The course consists of two parts: Part I and Part II. The duration of each part is 20 lessons (a lesson lasts for 90 minutes). The duration of the whole course is 40 lessons. It is advisable to have two lessons a week.

The course content is oriented to any level from B1 to C1 (or from Intermediate to Advanced).

This course differs from “Contemporary English” since it specifically focuses on grammar only and students may expect a much more detailed study of the structure of English words and sentences.

What is grammar?

What is your experience with English grammar? Frightening? Difficult to learn? Before learning, we should realise what we are learning – so what is grammar? We could compare grammar to any complex object, for example, a bicycle. A bicycle consists of different parts, such as the frame, wheels, pedals, handlebar, etc. Imagine that you have to compile a bicycle. If you do it randomly – attach a wheel to a handlebar, pedals to the saddle – your “bicycle” will hardly be functional. Only some of the ways of combining different parts of the bicycle together will result in a usable, well-structured bicycle. The same applies to a language. When learning grammar, we learn the different parts (nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, etc.) and how these parts should be combined together to construct a sentence and a text.

Our aims? A systematic study of English grammar

If grammar is a complex object, it has to be taught and learnt in a systematic, well-organised way. The course is based on my extensive 10-year-old experience in teaching English grammar at various levels. During the course you will systematically learn the rules of English grammar and have much practice. We will also focus on the most common mistakes and ways to avoid them. My aim is to show you that grammar should not be frightening.

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