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Practical information

The course may last from 20 to 40 lessons (a lesson – 90 minutes), depending on your aims and possibilities.

The course is oriented to levels B1–C1.

The short description below is rather general and will be modified according to your needs. Once I get a clear idea about the context in which you need to use English and your objectives in learning the language, I will prepare an individual course description.

A short description of the course

The main focus of this course is provide practical guidelines for effective writing and speaking in professional contexts – be it in the field of business, finance, marketing, human resources or any other. We study and practice how to appropriately write texts specific to your field of work, for example, e-mail letters, formal reports, proposals, minutes and summaries of meetings, etc. Speaking topics and activities may include establishing a contact, communicating in English on the phone or other means, participating in group meetings, giving oral presentations during a meeting or conference. The practice of written and spoken skills is interrelated with focus on proper words and phrases that reflect appropriate level of politeness and formality. Grammar topics which require revision are identified on the basis of the typical errors in students’ written assignments.

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