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Presenting in English

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“If there’s one skill, above all others, that will help you stand out in the world of international business, it is the skill of presenting. <…> In professional life, competent presentations are expected. But great presentations are rare and always remembered.”

(Powell, M. 2018. Dynamic Presentations. Cambridge: CUP. p. 4.)

Practical information

The duration of the course is flexible. If you need to prepare for a specific presentation, we may meet only once or twice. If you need more practice in making presentations in English, you may have more lessons or choose a course of 20 lessons (a lesson – 90 minutes).

A short description of the course

Do you often have to make presentations in English? Are you more stressed because you have to speak in English or because you have to talk in front of the audience? Usually, presenters pay a lot of time and devote much effort to the content of their papers and less on effective English structures, vocabulary and pronunciation.

This course may help you in preparing a presentation in English and performing successfully. We will focus on improving your speaking skills in a formal situation as well as study effective techniques of presenting in English. You will learn the methods how to effectively start and end a presentation, how to attract your listeners’ attention, how to ask and answer politely or politely avoid the answer as well as how to structure information on a slide.

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