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Writing skills

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Practical information

A preliminary duration of the course is 30 lessons. A lesson lasts for 90 minutes. It is advisable to have two lessons a week.

The course content is oriented to any level from B1 to C1 (or from Intermediate to Advanced).

A short description of what you may expect in this course is provided below. Please contact me if you have questions or if you would like to receive more information about the course.

A short description of the course

I often hear students’ complaints that they cannot or do not know how to write a text, for example, an essay, in English. They complain about the lack of ideas or do not know how to present the ideas they might have in writing. This course is aimed at improving students’ essay-writing skills.

We will learn effective writing techniques, such as brainstorming, free-writing as well as some other ways. We will also discuss the structure of a good essay – how to construct a topic sentence, write a good introduction, present arguments in a text, what the different ways of concluding an essay might be.

How are we going to learn to write? By writing. You will have much practice, write and rewrite your own texts until we are both satisfied with them. You will analyse other students’ essays and give feedback to your friends as well as get individual feedback for each text from me.

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